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We view safety as the most significant portion of our corporate culture. At DTF Ltd. safety is our priority at all times.

SAFE CertifiedOur attention to the details of best practices is clearly reflected in our historical safety data. This data also reflects our focus on continuous improvement regarding safety. We achieve our goals of improvement by clearly and regularly communicating the objectives and standards to our staff. In addition to our communication strategy we believe in direct supervision, monitoring and documentation which exceeds the basic requirements of safe certification. The results of this focus are excellent systems, prevention in addition to a very low incident rate.



We recognize that our clients are experts regarding the value opportunities in each timber profile. It is our job to extract that value. Driving value at the stump through diligently following the client’s bucking specifications sets DTF Ltd. apart from other service providers. We know that items such as focused directional falling, defect removal, correct top size/length ratios, clean bucking and bucking to maximize yarding capacity impact product value and harvesting costs. 

Strategic bucking of the defective and low value segment is an another area that we excel. The non-merchantable segment of the profile can have a dramatic effect on  productivity and budget objectives. It is very important to DTF Ltd. to work closely with the client to ensure that DTF Ltd correctly addresses this segment in order to meet overall budget requirements.

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Our high safety and quality standards allow DTF Ltd to be highly productive. We do not waste valuable time at the stump. We know that every area and profile is unique and that a fluid daily work plan is vital to productivity. Our fundamental work plan strategies are consistent and allow for site specific influences such as hazards, changes in the profile and market conditions. We have an extraordinary ability to rapidly and effectively change strategies without impacting productivity. To date we have met all productivity objectives which have allowed our clients to seamlessly transition from the falling phase to harvesting without delay.

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First Nations

Dickson Timber Falling is interested in looking at creative ways to participate in creating mutually beneficial business relations that could foster the training of First Nations fallers to work in all aspects of our company. We would be honored with the opportunity to participate in sustainable logging operations that respect First Nations values.