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Dickson TImber Falling Ltd. is a safe and certified falling company, owned and operated by Dave Dickson of Campbell River, B.C. Dave Dickson has been a falling contractor since 1990 and has completed projects in a variety of areas along the BC Coast. Dickson Timber Falling Ltd. has extensive experience in all aspects of manual tree falling including:

  • Heli Falling
  • Heli Select Falling
  • Conventional Falling
  • Right of Way Falling
  • Corridor Falling

Our business is built around the principles of SAFETY, QUALITY & PRODUCTION, and every day on our worksite the workmanship practices that make these possible are mentored, demonstrated and reviewed. We strive to operate our business with the utmost integrity and honesty. We are always aiming to exceed our customers expectations.

Dickson Timber Falling Ltd.
1419 Maple St. Campbell River, BC V9W 5M4 Canada
tel: (250) 914-4010 | fax: (250) 914-4011